Workshop 1

Ethics in Social Marketing

Date: 25 September 2016

Workshop Facilitators: Stacy Carter & Lynne Eagle

Registration details for workshops to follow shortly

Prof Lynne Eagle

A/Prof Stacy Carter

This free workshop is an opportunity to learn about, and participate in, a new project on social marketing ethics led by Stacy Carter and Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney and Lynne Eagle from James Cook University, with the participation and support of the Australian Association of Social Marketing and the European Social Marketing Association.

There is increasing acknowledgement that social marketing ethics is important, but at present there is neither consensus nor much empirical evidence to guide its development. This workshop is the beginning of a project designed to address that gap.

The workshop will be a fun-but-serious opportunity for you to interact with your social marketing colleagues about the moral and political dimensions of your work. We will ask you to discuss questions such as: What do you think distinguishes ‘good’ social marketing from ‘bad’ social marketing? What is the most praiseworthy example of social marketing you can think of, and why? If there is one thing you would change about the field of social marketing to make it more ethically justifiable, what would it be? What ethical issues bother you the most in your own practice? When you are faced with an ethical dilemma, how do you tackle it?

On arrival, you will receive lunch and information about the study. You will be asked to sign a consent form. Discussions will then take place in facilitated round-table groups. We will record the discussion on each table, and use the (anonymised) transcripts as data for the project.

We are looking forward to learning from you, and hope you will join us.